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Ling Joinery: High Performance, Fine Quality Doors and Windows Ling Joinery: High Performance, Fine Quality Doors and Windows Ling Joinery: High Performance, Fine Quality Doors and Windows
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Working With The Best

At Ling Joinery we only accept the best materials for our products. One of the Countries leading glass manufacturers, Pilkington, supplies our glass to us. Working with the best allows us to provide a wide range of glass specifications to meet your needs and requirements.

All our glazing units now come with Argon Gas as standard


Blinds within the glass unit

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Pilkingtons new energiKare

Pilkington energiKare™  double glazing contains an inner pane of Pilkingtons

K Glass™ S which stop heat escaping from inside the home and a outer pane of Pilkingtons Optiwhite™ an extra-clear type of glass.

It increases the amount of free heat from the sun as well as allowing more natural light in, making the home feel warmer and brighter.


Pilkington Ks Glass

As standard all our windows are glazed using Pilkington Ks Glass™ to comply with our rated windows. Ks Glass™ is a neutral coloured, low emissive glass (Ks Glass™ S), which provides improved thermal insulation to double glazed windows and so helps to reduce condensation and helps maximise comfort. A specially formulated coating is applied to one surface of the clear float glass during manufacture. This coating allows energy from the sun to enter into the building, but acts as a barrier to stop the escape of expensive energy, from heat sources within the building. Ks Glass™ provides excellent benefits to homes with its energy efficiency and minimal heat loss during winter. The glass can be cut, bent, insulated, laminated and toughened to meet your needs.

Pilkington Optiwhite Clear

Pilkington Optiwhite Clear has had the iron taken out of the glass to give it a

clear finish this can be used in a wide variety of applications and often represents a practical and stylish alternative to solid materials. Optiwhite helps to reduce costs by permitting more daylight and therefore reduces the amount of artificial light used. Where safety glass is required Optiwhite Clear can be toughened or laminated.

Pilkington Textured Glass

Pilkington Textured GlassPilkington Textured Glass is a rolled patterned glass. One surface of the glass has a specific pattern impressed into the surface, which creates decoration. Although Pilkington Textured Glass still allows light to enter the home, depending on the depth and design of the pattern, obscuration is obtained. The degree of obscuration is rated from 1, being the least obscuring and 5 creating the most obscuration. Although the glass can be used for decorative purposes in applications such as doors, partitions and balustrades, it also offers privacy for areas such as bathrooms. Like all Pilkington glass it can be toughened or laminated to add security and safety. 

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Pilkington Textured glass range 

Pilkington Laminated Safety Glass

Combining two or more sheets of glass with one or more plastic interlayer creates Pilkington Laminated Safety Glass. The most common form of interlayer used is Polyvinylbutyral (PVB). PVB is applied with heat and pressure in controlled conditions. Pilkington Laminated Safety Glass provides protection by reducing the risk of injury by accidental human impact. It remains intact even when broken. It is mainly used in the commercial sector yet is ideal for windows in critical positions and internal doors.

Pilkington Toughened Safety Glass

The Countries most recognised Toughened glass offers a complete and proven solution to strength and safety concerns. Pilkington Toughened Safety Glass is five times stronger than ordinary glass the same thickness. When broken the glass shatters into small, blunt edged fragments, which reduces the risk of injury. Because of this reaction when broken the glass is ideal for roof lights, conservatories, exterior and interior doors and windows in all positions. Almost all glass produced by Pilkington can be supplied in a toughened form

Pilkington Activ™ Glass

Pilkington Activ™Pilkington Activ™ Glass is a revolutionary self-cleaning glass! It’s unique dual-action uses the forces of nature to help keep the glass free from organic dirt, which not only gives you the practical benefit of less cleaning, but also clearer, better looking windows. Pilkington Activ™ is an ordinary glass with a special coating on the outside that has the unique dual-action. Once exposed to daylight, the coating chemically reacts in two ways. First, it breaks down any organic dirt deposits and second, rain water ‘sheets’ down the glass to wash the loosened dirt away. The coating is securely bonded to the glass – so it can only be affected if the surface of the glass itself is damaged.


Pilkington Activ™ Blue Glass

This attractive blue glass combines dual-action, self-cleaning properties with solar control performance for a cooler internal environment.  Specially designed and perfect for use in conservatories, it uses daylight and rainwater to breakdown and wash away organic dirt from exterior surfaces and its unique blue colour helps keep internal temperatures cool whilst still maintaining excellent light transmission.